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WARNING:Do not buy anything from AMERICAN RV in Grand Rapids

There were warning signs from the start that I should have paid attention to. In July of 2017, I saw a trailer that I was interested in. I spoke with a salesman over the phone and advised him I would be driving 3 hours to come look at the trailer. When we got there, the salesman was too busy to even come talk to us, he told the front desk we could walk out into the far lot to see the trailer or he could find someone to drive us...(CLUE #1 I SHOULD HAVE LEFT). We ended up walking out to look at the trailer, of course we had questions, and ended up talking to the sales manager, who just happened to be in a golf cart driving around in the lot. After careful consideration, we bought our trailer. We arrived to pick it up and went with the mechanic to do a once over. Since this was a brand new trailer and a lot different than the one I was trading in, I asked how do you winterize it...the mechanic looked at me and said he had no idea....(CLUE #2 I SHOULDN'T BUY FROM THEM). Now mind you, I've only communicated with my salesman (I don't even remember his name) over the phone, he never bothered to come out and meet me until the day I came to pick up the trailer. The sales manager was more helpful than this idiot and in no way should he have gotten the commission. Anyways, I asked him several times if they took American Express because I didn't want to rollover the price of my trade in into my payment, I was just going to put it on my credit card. The salesman said "Yes". I get there to sign the paperwork and guess what??? They don't take it. I advised them it wasn't my fault and they better figure it out because their idiot salesman told me they did. (CLUE #3). They figured out a solution and I take my trailer home. So now a few things happen to the trailer and I take it back to American RV in March 2018. A seam by the kingpin separated on our drive home, 2 of the slides were leaking water, the latches on 1 of the outside storage doors was sticking, the tv wan't working and the automatic leveler wouldn't turn on. They actually fixed it a lot faster then I thought, about 1 week. But when we got there to pick it up, the automatic leveler still wasn't working and it had to be jumped. A week later, while we're on vacation, 1 of the slides that was fixed is still leaking water, the USB outlet quit working, 1 of the outlets in the bedroom was dangleing from the ceiling and worst of all the same slide that was leaking tore *** in my floor and there was a huge bubble in the wall behind the couch. Now, this is where all the drama begins!!!! I take it back to American RV (ANOTHER 3 HOUR DRIVE) to have them fix it in April 2018....I just picked it up yesterday JUNE 26, 2018 AND THEY DID NOTHING, THEY'VE HAD MY TRAILER FOR 2.5 MONTHS!!!! This whole time HOWARD IN SALES kept telling me that Winnebago was holding up the repairs, all the parts were on back order, they wanted a labor estimate with the part estimate....REALLY?? Why wasn't labor included to begin with????? Anyways, I call Winnebago and ask them what the problem is and come to find out, they don't even have a work order or a warranty repair request on file from American RV. They have nothing. So now Winnebago is trying to find out what's going on. The same day I speak to Winnebago, the dingbat HOWARD IN SERVICE calls me to give me an update. An update on nothing, he says they're still waiting and nothing new has happened. So I advise him of what Winnebago told me...they don't have a work order...Howard obviously becomes quiet and says, let me find out what's going on and I'll call you back...that was June 3, 2018, and I haven't heard from him since. He refused to call me back, he refused to talk to me, he even refused to talk to Winnebago...when Winnebago's customer service called Howard on June 26 to see if the trailer was in 1 piece so I could pick it up...Howard was rude and nasty to him. He asked him why was he calling him and he would only speak to me about my trailer!!! REALLY??? The idiot won't even speak to me...and needless to say he never called me. So I called Howard to tell him I was coming to pick up my trailer, of couse he didn't answer the phone, I spoke to someone else and told him to pull my trailer out cause I would be there today to pick it up. I called back around 5pm because I had a feeling that it wasn't moved. The receptionist told us Howard said "You already spoke to someone and they said it would be out there". This idiot is unprofessional, incompetant and rude...I can't believe this guy still has a job. It's obvious I slipped through the cracks and this guy dropped the ball. Even Winnebago said they gave him numerous chances to redeem himself and he NEVER did. And you have this clown in service???? American RV is the worst business I've ever dealt with. I think everyone is still disgruntled because Camping World bought they're *** business. If you don't believe me, buy your RV from them, and make sure you take it in for'll find out how horrible they are.
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